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1: What subjects are you studying?

I’m studying a variety of subjects in university. My major discipline is mathematics, so I learn a number of subjects that are related to maths, for example the theories and the models. In the meanwhile, I study statistics and psychology as my optional courses.

A variety of:  很多的

Discipline: 学科,英式用法。常作“纪律”。

Be related to: 与什么相关

Statistics: 统计学


Optional courses:选修课

思路:题目中的subjects和are studying表明了问题的关键在于“正在所学的科目”,且科目可能不止个。比起科目名称的罗列,可以让答案更加有层次。比如可以先讲主修科目 major discipline, 再讲选修或者其他科目。


2: What do you plan to do after you finish your studies?

My plan is to find a job, pretty straightforward, isn’t? I have been preparing for the job for quite a long time. Personally, I don’t intend to apply for a master degree straightaway, rather I think it’s better for me to accumulate some work experience first.

Isn’t it: 反意疑问句,不是吗?

Have been preparing for sth:现在完成进行时,已经直在为某事准备。

Intend to do: 想要做某事; equals to want to do but more formal.

Accumulate: 积累;

思路:plan to do. 所以时态是般现在和进行时。本题主要联系自我。可以阐述想要工作,或去考研,或旅行,然后给出原因,比如提升自我、养家、职业发展等等。


3: Do you like your job?

Yes and no. It is a challenging job with a large workload. So, I got a strong sense of achievement when I complete a project with my team. But on the other side, I don’t have a good work-like balance, which is pretty depressing. I hope to have more quality time with my family.

Yes and no: 是也不是.

Sense of achievement: 成就感。  Sense of +名词

Work-life balance:工作与生活的平衡

Depressing: 令人沮丧的。 Depressed, depression.

Quality time: 高质量的时间。

思路:1. 分别从工作本身和自身情况分层回答。可以从马斯洛需求理论着手,从生存需求,如“薪资福利”,被爱需求“同事关系与单位归属感”,安全需求“工作性质与环境”,和个人价值需求“工作内容与成就感”,择1-2方面入手回答。


4: Tell me something else about your house/flat.

In my flat, there are tens of flowers and plants in the balcony, just like a garden. Both of my parents are fond of flowers, though I ain’t. But I have to admit that flowers have magic powers because every time when I see my balcony from outside, I feel happy from deep inside. The flowers make my flat so extraordinary.

Balcony: 阳台

Be fond of: 喜欢

Admit that: 承认某件事

Deep inside: 内心深处



5: Are the transport facilities to your home very good?

Definitely yes. I can’t find a second place which provides convenient public transportation as Shanghai does. There are 3 bus stops near my home. The underground station is just 500 metres away. Cabs are everywhere on the street and people ride shared bikes to commute easily for short distance.


Can’t find a second…as…:找不到二个像…这样的

500 metres away: 500米外

Shared bikes: 共享单车

Commute: 通勤 上下班

For a short distance: 短距离



6: Why your hometown is popular for traveling?

I guess one of the reasons is that there’s very few cities so exciting like Shanghai. As the biggest city in the world, Shanghai provides extremely colorful day life and night life. Tourists love to go to the bund, Yu garden and Nanjing Road. They also love the theatres, concerts, night clubs and bars. So there’s no doubt that Shanghai is popular for traveling.

There is very few cities so… like A: 很少有像A这么XX的城市了

Population: 人口

Extremely: 度的

Night life: 夜生活

Hotspots: 热门地区

There’s no doubt: 毫无疑问

思路:为什么你的故乡是个旅游热地?如果是风景区,可能因为有山有水,空气好;如果是古迹,可能因为有宫殿、古代遗迹 historical attractions, 有传说legends; 如果是城市,肯定因为很繁华,有好吃的好玩的,吸引吃货foodies.

7: Does your name have any particular (or special) meanings?

Yes, most of the Chinese names have particular meanings because of the characters. My name “Zhen” stands for precious. So I infer it means that I am the precious one for my parents.

Character: 中汉字

Precious: 珍贵的

Infer: 推测 [OD] Deduce or conclude (something) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements. E.g. From the facts we could infer that the hero did not die.



8: Would you like to change your name?

Not really. I have a strong attachment to my name. Probably because it was given by my parents. Besides, it can be very problematic if I change my name. I will have to change all the IDs, driving license, and explain again and again on my certifications to confirm they are mine. So, no, I won’t do that.

Attachment:依附感,依恋;[OD] Affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or something.

Problematic:有问题的,麻烦的;[OD] Constituting or presenting a problem. E.g. Students are out of control. This situation can be problematic for teachers.

Driving license: 驾照

Certifications: 证书



9: Do you think that children should do housework?

I think they should. Housework is a way for children to contribute to the family, and also a good way to develop some practical skills. Children nowadays are pretty spoiled, I doubt if their grandparents will allow their kids doing the work, but doing some housework is definitely beneficial for children.

Contribute to: 为…做贡献

Develop practical skills: 培养实用技能

Spoiled: adj. 宠坏的

Allow someone doing something: 允许某人做某事

Beneficial: 有益的



10: How do you feel when you receive a letter or email?

I will have a look at the name of the sender first. If it’s from my friend or someone I am expecting for, then YES! I will be extremely happy. But if it’s a spam, I don’t feel the same way.

Have a look at: 看下, 等于look at


Expect for: 期待

Extremely: 度地

Spam: 垃圾邮件